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Rose Cottage would like to welcome our visitors old and new back to our holiday accommodation, its been a difficult time for everyone over the last few months and we would like to offer some re-assurance of what we are doing to protect our customers. You may see some minor changes if you have stayed at the cottage before but hopefully these will not impact on your stay.

Most of the changes relate to reducing the risk of transmission from hard surfaces in the cottage & enhanced cleaning procedures, some items of small furniture or items that may be frequently touched may be removed to reduce the risk of any transmission. Additional cleaning protocols will be introduced with alcohol based products proven to be the most effective method of reducing risk from hard surfaces will form part of our cleaning procedures, other cleaning changes will include our customers removing the bedding after their stay into provided bags and sealed ready for collection at the end of their holiday. A list of of things you can do to help fight the risk of transmission will be provided with your vacation stay information.

Thankyou for staying or considering a vacation at Rose Cottage 

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